Article Response #6: Break-ups hurt EVERYONE



Title: From The Men: Breakups Hurt Us Too

Author:  Stephen (no last name given)

Main topic: an article written in a personal letter format, addressed to all ladies on the topic of the stereotype that men move on immediately after a breakup


I always find articles like this interesting; perhaps because I have an interest in psychology (and relationships are a huge part of it!), perhaps because these sorts of articles are written in such a sincere and honest fashion, or perhaps because there is STILL so much confusion and arguments over these topics.

The latter is understandable, and the main reason for the continuing controversy (despite so many confessions and “truths” being discussed) is that every man is different. Some men, yes, will move on immediately, as if they were never attached in the first place (and they probably weren’t if they reacted in such a manner). But other men will brood over breakups much longer than the females will. It is thus apparently very hard to put a label on men collectively, because like women, they all have different responses to breaking up. From the collective, broad perspective, men perhaps do seem to move on faster. However, I think I agree with Stephen in that men are simply just better at hiding their emotions. Women aren’t the only ones that fall deeply in love.

I like that this article is written with such an honest and sincere tone. It makes me feel like Stephen is going through some sorrow -perhaps even a hard breakup- himself. Moreover, the readers will then lean in closer to be touched by his words, and his article will reach a bigger audience on a deeper level.

In conclusion, relationships continue to be a complex issue in all societies, and the best thing we can do in order to work on them is to talk about them. This article does just that, so I have no complaints.


Sonnet: Love, lost in time

This is the sonnet version of “Love, lost in time” (Petrarchan format). Man, this took a long time to construct 0_o I think I’ve really warmed up to sonnets though. I’m starting to use the rhythm in other normal poems too 😀

Please give feedback!

Love, Lost in Time

The tale of us has turned to just a scrawl;

And withered and decayed right to its core.

I want us back the way we were before;

But even that I can’t seem to recall.

Please tell me, what is love if this is all?

Of interest and charm there should be more.

Inertia turned excitement to a bore;

Adventure all but slowed down to a crawl.

I know something must give, this can’t go on;

But I’m afraid to do it on my own,

And I can’t just will us to grow sublime.

Nothing will change unless you move a pawn,

So maybe my courage has yet to grow;

Till then, our love is somewhere stuck in time.

My sonnet’s echo: Lost in Time

Maybe I’m watching too many romantic dramas, but the biggest source of inspiration I have now are hardships in relationships -.-. I was writing a sonnet this morning, and this is a more complex version of it I put together from all the brainstorming ideas and scraps I had written down; it feels like a much more complete poem than the sonnet, even if it doesn’t follow the criteria.

Love, lost in time

The tale of us, when read, might just appal

Because, somehow, it’s turned into a scrawl

We’ve withered and decayed right to our core

I want it back: the tale afore it tore

But now I can’t recall it anymore

…What was even there, back then, before?

Please tell me, what is love, if this is all?

Adventure all but slowed down to a crawl

Of interest and charm there should be more

Inertia turned excitement to a bore

What first was fun and new is now a chore

I want a change to open a new door.

Moreover, what are we, if this is it?

We did have some good days I must admit;

But always shadowed by a sense of drag.

The voice in my head just won’t stop to nag.

I keep thinking more love will somehow spawn

But something of nothing cannot be drawn

To tears and fights relationships are prone

But ours more than any you’d have known

And slowly on me it’s starting to dawn

That hope for us may be forever gone

Still I can’t get myself to just let go

Maybe it’s better off, but I won’t know

I know something must give, this can’t go on;

Nothing will change unless you move a pawn.

But I’m afraid to do it on my own;

My courage maybe isn’t yet full grown.

Yet I can’t just will us to turn sublime:

For now, our love is somewhere lost in time.

Another random poem: Temptation

This one is also sort of about relationships; meaning to express what it’s like if you keep convincing yourself that your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is something that they are not, and then getting hurt or disappointed every time they prove to be different than what you wish. But, I suppose it could also be applied to other situations of deluding oneself.

Again, please give me feedback if you have any ideas for improvement 🙂

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Like a sweet truffle-drizzled cream puff

So hard to resist,

So hard to remember

that you’re not really what you seem.


That’s what it really is

Imagining how sweet and nourishing you are

Because I want you to be,

And turn blind on what really is,

Yet reality will not comply.


That’s what I will feel

If I keep fooling myself,

It hurts to let go of you

But it will hurt more to keep holding on.


The consequences come

No matter what I make myself believe.

Effort and time won’t change

That there is discord

Between truth and desire.

Random poem: Lost devil

I haven’t been through many hard/bad breakups, but based on the experiences I do have and what I hear of others, this poem is expressing something that I believe the girl could feel after the guy “reveals his true colors” or seemingly completely changes.

I didn’t really know what to do with my punctuation; rhythm is a little wonky too, so any tips/comments are welcome! 🙂

Picture from, “A Changing Man”. 


Lost devil

Tears onto the carpet fall;

Memories I can’t recall,

Rush into my mind right now;

Inconvenience: take a bow.


My ceiling was that way before?

My memories can’t tell no more.

For when I looked up and not down,

My face made smiles in place of frowns.


I was blind, seeing delights:

Sunshine skies and starry nights.

Grief and sorrow had no room,

In my love-filled heart to bloom.


I guess that’s why, your change of heart,

Is nearly ripping mine apart.

Clinging to old silhouettes;

I can’t let go of us just yet.


The sky was beautiful that day;

Seeming like just yesterday.

You leaned across and stole a kiss,

The sun shone sweetly down with bliss.


And now, what’s there save for dismay?

Engulfing me, day after day.

If time heals all, it’s running late;

Crushing me with its still weight.


I don’t understand, please tell:

How… you could turn heaven to hell.

A moment was all that you took,

To change, with a last lingering look.


I won’t have it that you lied,

Wore a mask, put truth aside.

Songs and poems, people too;

Say that you showed the real you.


But blue as red can’t be disguised,

No matter how hard it tries.

A devil took you as his own,

Made you into the unknown.


Now you’re someone entirely new;

A person that I never knew.

Resurrection made you strange,

Susceptible to such change


You can lie, cheat- no more care,

Is found in you anywhere.

You remember things not true;

Your memory’s all askew.


I’m all alone with the truth;

The real us, trapped in youth.

It doesn’t match you anymore,

You’ll age, different from before.


You’re a man of a new kind;

The one that lives on in my mind.

Is just an abstract wish I’ve drawn;

Lost, in the real world forever gone.


Nature’s best teacher is past;

So I’ll make sure the knowledge lasts.

I’ll learn my lessons very well;

Won’t be put under your spell.


We’ll part, each to our own ways;

Our past, now a sweet dream’s haze.

Slowly fading, it wont last;

Draining empty my real past.


Perhaps there’ll come a time when,

The past might become future then.

We’ll meet once more, lost in time;

Like kids, but grown, paradise sublime.


But to be honest, I’d prefer;

My memories to stay a blur.

You’ve done enough, I don’t want more;

Relationships shouldn’t be a chore.


Finally, it’s all just history;

I’ll leave my “what if’s” a mystery.

And let us never meet again:

So go conspire with your men.