Random poem: Lost devil

I haven’t been through many hard/bad breakups, but based on the experiences I do have and what I hear of others, this poem is expressing something that I believe the girl could feel after the guy “reveals his true colors” or seemingly completely changes.

I didn’t really know what to do with my punctuation; rhythm is a little wonky too, so any tips/comments are welcome! 🙂

Picture from http://www.steveguttenbergart.com/, “A Changing Man”. 


Lost devil

Tears onto the carpet fall;

Memories I can’t recall,

Rush into my mind right now;

Inconvenience: take a bow.


My ceiling was that way before?

My memories can’t tell no more.

For when I looked up and not down,

My face made smiles in place of frowns.


I was blind, seeing delights:

Sunshine skies and starry nights.

Grief and sorrow had no room,

In my love-filled heart to bloom.


I guess that’s why, your change of heart,

Is nearly ripping mine apart.

Clinging to old silhouettes;

I can’t let go of us just yet.


The sky was beautiful that day;

Seeming like just yesterday.

You leaned across and stole a kiss,

The sun shone sweetly down with bliss.


And now, what’s there save for dismay?

Engulfing me, day after day.

If time heals all, it’s running late;

Crushing me with its still weight.


I don’t understand, please tell:

How… you could turn heaven to hell.

A moment was all that you took,

To change, with a last lingering look.


I won’t have it that you lied,

Wore a mask, put truth aside.

Songs and poems, people too;

Say that you showed the real you.


But blue as red can’t be disguised,

No matter how hard it tries.

A devil took you as his own,

Made you into the unknown.


Now you’re someone entirely new;

A person that I never knew.

Resurrection made you strange,

Susceptible to such change


You can lie, cheat- no more care,

Is found in you anywhere.

You remember things not true;

Your memory’s all askew.


I’m all alone with the truth;

The real us, trapped in youth.

It doesn’t match you anymore,

You’ll age, different from before.


You’re a man of a new kind;

The one that lives on in my mind.

Is just an abstract wish I’ve drawn;

Lost, in the real world forever gone.


Nature’s best teacher is past;

So I’ll make sure the knowledge lasts.

I’ll learn my lessons very well;

Won’t be put under your spell.


We’ll part, each to our own ways;

Our past, now a sweet dream’s haze.

Slowly fading, it wont last;

Draining empty my real past.


Perhaps there’ll come a time when,

The past might become future then.

We’ll meet once more, lost in time;

Like kids, but grown, paradise sublime.


But to be honest, I’d prefer;

My memories to stay a blur.

You’ve done enough, I don’t want more;

Relationships shouldn’t be a chore.


Finally, it’s all just history;

I’ll leave my “what if’s” a mystery.

And let us never meet again:

So go conspire with your men.