Free Verse – Life is but what you make of it

Our lovely world

To look upon the world with watchful painters’ eyes

Is seeing subtle beauty that in all belies

Discern the colour in the purest black and white

And in sheer darkness, find the wistful hint of light

Each detail, typically just ignored and missed

Yet even so, persisting always to exist

And when revered and cherished, starts to beautify

The canvas of our mind’s perceptive memory


To listen to earth’s music with musician’s ears

Discovers symphonies in everything one hears

The patter of the rain, the clomp of horse’s feet

The sound waves where the harmony and nature meet

Each tone then echoes bravely through the atmosphere

Still even if there’s no one listening right here

But when it’s treated like a skillful work of art

It fills you all up, dancing sweetly with your heart


To inhale scents of earth, like with a baker’s nose

Delight in all the delicacies that it holds

From fresh air, flowers, all the way to pumpkin pies

Take note of the allurement that in them belies

The smallest things invariably mean the most,

Remarked barely enough to put their charm to boast

But you don’t have to let it pass you by, just look –

As carefully as possible, into life’s open book


You can’t hold life accountable for things that melt right through your mind

They’re seeping through the cracks, but you’re the one that left them all behind

Caress earth like a diety might, if you choose to find it then

There’s charm in all and everything, in any where or what or when

Disputing over happiness is meaningless, just apropos

For those who choose to bring it with them, have it everywhere they go

So carpe diem, soak your curiosity up with life’s flair

To open your eyes to the wonders, and create dreams in thin air


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