Sonnet: Love, lost in time

This is the sonnet version of “Love, lost in time” (Petrarchan format). Man, this took a long time to construct 0_o I think I’ve really warmed up to sonnets though. I’m starting to use the rhythm in other normal poems too 😀

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Love, Lost in Time

The tale of us has turned to just a scrawl;

And withered and decayed right to its core.

I want us back the way we were before;

But even that I can’t seem to recall.

Please tell me, what is love if this is all?

Of interest and charm there should be more.

Inertia turned excitement to a bore;

Adventure all but slowed down to a crawl.

I know something must give, this can’t go on;

But I’m afraid to do it on my own,

And I can’t just will us to grow sublime.

Nothing will change unless you move a pawn,

So maybe my courage has yet to grow;

Till then, our love is somewhere stuck in time.


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