Another random poem: Temptation

This one is also sort of about relationships; meaning to express what it’s like if you keep convincing yourself that your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is something that they are not, and then getting hurt or disappointed every time they prove to be different than what you wish. But, I suppose it could also be applied to other situations of deluding oneself.

Again, please give me feedback if you have any ideas for improvement 🙂

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Like a sweet truffle-drizzled cream puff

So hard to resist,

So hard to remember

that you’re not really what you seem.


That’s what it really is

Imagining how sweet and nourishing you are

Because I want you to be,

And turn blind on what really is,

Yet reality will not comply.


That’s what I will feel

If I keep fooling myself,

It hurts to let go of you

But it will hurt more to keep holding on.


The consequences come

No matter what I make myself believe.

Effort and time won’t change

That there is discord

Between truth and desire.


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