Memory poems

These poems are inspired by childhood memories :0)

The first is a much older memory than the second.

Airplane in the sky

Airplane, far above the ground;

I forgot where we are bound.

We are trapped inside of it;

And yet clouds we cannot hit.

Fly like that- I want to too!

In the sky outside so blue.

But I guess machines have beat

Humans to this dream-like feat.

What is that now down below?

A sea of blue, seeming aglow.

The ocean lights up from up high;

Always smiling at the sky.

I want to jump into its waves;

Explore the fish and deep-hid caves.

Soon we’ll see the land once more

Tiny man’s and nature’s decor.

Minuscule towns look so strange

There’s the fields and farmer’s range

Are we really all that small?

And if from here the plane will fall

How long will it take the world

To normal size again unfurl?

Crashing through the atmosphere

Our journey is not ending here

Clouds float underneath us still

Only two more hours till

I meet the land again with joy

And smile at the sky so coy

I’ll say, we have met before!

We’ll be friends forever more!

Grandparents await, not far

For this metal shooting star

To land amongst the towns and farms

And fly me right into their arms

Trip through the past

The train rumbles in the distance;

And you look out at the shore, to

Wonder if you’ve been here before.

Metropolis of my heart;

Memories can’t tell apart

Which is where and when was which;

The present for the past you’ll ditch.

Thinking of the better days;

Fall asleep while the ocean sways

Outside of your railway train.


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