Poem Response #9

My Life

By:  Erin
Thinking back on my life, when I was a little child;
So outrageous and bubbly doing things that were wild.
Thinking back on my life, all those wonderful years;
Not a care in the world, no worries, no fears.
Thinking back on my life, all the advice I was told:
What a wonderful child, my parents hoped they would mold.
But as we all know, it’s not always what we dreamed;
Life gets harder, and to us it’s not always how it seemed.
There are two roads in life: the right one and wrong one;
The wrong one I chose and it seemed life was done.
But as time has went on, I had to agree;
I can do and be anything I want to achieve.
I have tried over and over and failed to succeed;
But I am a SOLDIER, that’s what I believe.
My LIFE is too precious to let it slip away;
I must try harder and harder each coming day.
One day soon, I’ll be All that I am;
How do I know you ask?

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/life-with-heroin


Main theme: Change


Date of reading: November 7th


My Response:

This is another poem about personal change. I believe that it has a very powerful tone to it, because it starts off talking about reminiscing on childhood, which gives a sense of sadness, because people often think back to the “bubbly” and innocent days when they feel they have lost that. So readers may anticipate a shift to a more melancholic tone in the middle of the poem, and indeed this happens, as the author starts to talk about how she did not become the “wonderful child” her parents hoped to make of her. As the readers are expecting and ready for this shift, they can empathize with it better and the end gradually builds up a very powerful voice, with the author exclaims that her target audience should just wait and see, because she WILL become someone extraordinary!

She puts several words in caps lock, which I feel is an attempt to accentuate those words and make people realize the importance of those key terms in her message. The final sentence is entirely in caps lock, making it seem more forceful, and more powerful.


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