Doggie’s poem

Today’s prompt was to write about an object that is connected to dear memories (childhood or recent); I picked one of my favorite stuffed dogs of my childhood (and still my favorite now (: ) and kind of let my imagination get carried away, haha. I named him in Slovak, but it loosely translates to “doggie”. So here is “doggie” and his poem.
Doggie’s Poem
You’ve been all over the world
From work trips to vacations
In innumerable locations;
Witnessing daily frustrations,
As well as empty flirtations;
Yet the memories stay hid from you;
Untouched, and never to be unfurled.
Passed from hands to hands
A line of generations
The subject of countless unrequited relations
You’d reciprocate if you could, but
Filled with cotton stuffing
Your body houses no feeling.
Just in children’s memories,
You stay a real friend
Loyal, yet destined with time to end.
But despite all that:
All my thoughts and my chagrin;
You represent my past’s childish grin

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