Random “sweet” poetry

These are two poems I wrote while experimenting a bit with imagist poetry – feedback and suggestions for improvement are greatly appreeciated! 🙂


Nectarous You

I tear my gaze away from the sea,

I see you watching me, and

I wonder what the world looks like through the jewels of your eyes.

If they were suspended from the sky,

Could they pretend to be stars, appearing only in night to shine?

If souls have material

Then yours would be of silk strands from the clouds in the milky way

A sweet, sugary galaxy

Caramelized stars, and a marzipan moon

Bursts of sweet citrus flavour.

We are all one in this galaxy

All a part of this sweet concoction

That makes up the world,

And you must be the perfect sugar-carved

Figurine that tops it off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Sweet Galaxy

(Inspired in part by the poem Darkness by Lord Byron – with a much more cheerful and lighthearted approach)

Sweet galaxy, in my dream

Where the universe is a dessert,

Then galaxies must be the flavored pies

Where so many flavours spin into one

and create wonderful taste symphonies.

Marzipan constellations hover about,

Illuminated by a peppermint moon

And the citrus-flavoured light of the stars,

Reflecting off the caramel sun.

It turns and shines like a disco ball,

And you can dance beneath,

On the bending road of the milky way

A creamy path, swirled into our chocolate atmosphere

With the frozen shooting stars,

And pirouetting bright-coloured planets.

Dark holes, like the missing middle of a donut

Scattered all around with floating chocolate balls,

Fly and collide – crashing into our aromatic atmosphere.

On our planet earth – fudge brownie grounds,

With fondant buildings and trees

Lay vast metropolises of soft and hard candy structures

Developed by us, and quenching our hungry appetites;

Yet we live for them – the universe is vast and precious,

For us to salvage and conserve, while keeping us alive:

Sacred. And we – we are just decorations on the edge of the cake.


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