First attempt at Imagist Poem

Inspired by this photo:


The Forest Majesty

Autumn forest;

So tall, vast, colorful;

Stretching out to all directions.

Branches reaching out,

trying to touch their neighbours.

Leaves giggling, suspended from these arms;

Whispering the land’s secrets;

With the wind’s prompt.

Rising so high above;

These trees could pose difficulties to

Even the most adventurous

Furry squirrels.


Leaves collect at their feet

Like a pool of tears marking

the transition into the deadness of winter,

Or a christmas tree, with

it’s own nature’s gifts.

They had fluttered down

Like graceful paper ballerinas

Waltzing with the wind,

Then settling onto the earth.

Now earth is the forest’s sky

An autumn carpet speckled with color

And the sky can finally see.

Children play in this colorful array

Unaware that in a few months

The tree will be iced,

and the ground as well,

Like a model put on display:

Stunningly beautiful,

but barely able to breathe;

And even less able to move


But up high,

Crowns of color remain still

suspended from the multiplying branches

Higher and higher

Until they form just a domed sea of blended colors

Hiding the sky from any visitors

To this seasonal temple.

A leaf empire;

stretching out to all directions,

then one by one,

descending down peacefully.

Sacred forest:

Now it rests,

Awaiting the first snowflakes

To wrap it up and turn it into

A fragile winter wonderland.



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