Attempt at Landscape imagist poem

Purpose: to describe the same landscape as I wrote in Unit 1 in the form of an imagist poem

Date written: October 29th

Both pieces were inspired by these photos (and my memories):


Storybook Switzerland

A picture right out of a storybook,

Perhaps told by a beloved grandparent

In a swiss house,

filled with the smell of truffle hot chocolate;

Like one of those in this landscape.

Cows populate the hills, marching on

Lush grass that dances lightly around,

Waving its blades of grass at many a passerby,

A weaving carpet of soft green waves.

Blob-like lakes, and blob-like clouds

Lay and hover above and below;

And you feel like you’re suspended in between,

Like one of those colored leaves

swaying in the brisk afternoon air;

Standing on this sturdy hill

That has an air of hiding underworld treasures inside.

Cozy houses, with sweet cozy families,

And even sweeter dinners being put on the table;

What may happen inside those cottages?

I can only guess, and listen to

What the fresh wind whispers,

With scents and echoes as its only words;

Carrying with it tales of delightful dinner stories

and children’s laughter from over the fence.

Is there any sadness in this land?

Only the cows can tell,

For they alone have been here all day,

Munching on the land’s leafy fur

Yet oblivious to the faraway mountain adventures.


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