Satire: What a wonderful world

Date written (finished): October 2nd

Target Audience: people in industrialized countries

Possible place of publication: a newspaper or journal

Inspiration: Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal 

Goal: To employ satirical elements correctly to evoke emotions and realizations in readers that will lead to positive action

Satire: What a Wonderful World

It is apparent that our industrial world is becoming more and more developed by the day; but strangely, one thing that doesn’t seem to be progressing with it is our stress burden. I honestly can’t see where this is coming from. Our old lives used to be without the commodities to take care of, no schedules to keep up with, houses or cars to maintain, or bills to pay… just think how boring that must have been! There was nothing to gnaw our nails over, to tear our hair out for; people just lived with a greater sense of peace, dealing with only the basic and natural problems, and experiencing the world directly, with their nails still in good shape and their hair unmarred. Now, in our modern world, we have timetables and to-do lists, new technology to routinely update, money to save, items to buy, and meetings to make – all things that make life much more well spent and effectively a better quality than living with nature.

Of course, this improvement couldn’t have happened overnight. At some point, when we were still pretty much cave people, we started making basic tools to aid ourselves in everyday activities; hunting, gathering food, dealing with predators and socializing among ourselves- and then I suppose we got lazier and lazier, because we didn’t stop where we had enough, but we wanted even more. More space, more material, more attributes – that is all that matters, right? We built bigger villages, which grew to towns, then cities, then huge metropolises, and eventually to deal with all these necessities of survival we started making things like cars and schedules and electronics and newer and newer technology in general. And that’s not all! Today we also have the pleasure of maintaining a bunch of luxuries such as plumbing, electricity, air

conditioning and heating, water, grocery shopping for food and water, and of course travel vehicles, because somehow nature forgot to include these dearly needed items in its plan when it created the world. Then people created jobs so we could all partake in making money for these wonderful and life-necessary products in a fair and equal way, for everyone to share the same utilities based on what they deserve to gain.

Technology, starting out originally with a purpose of allowing us to discover and do more, eventually grew into something even better; selfish, personal entertainment. Computers are now so accessible, people have the luxury of staring at them all day instead of being out in the world and truly living their lives. Natural resources started being used to make items like plastic statues or cheap picture frames so that we have something easily breakable and of low-quality to clutter our shelves with – no one can argue with that these precious resources are put to a most optimal use.

Then at some point in this evolution, our planet started experiencing some ill-fated changes; in forms such as global warming and air or water pollution, not to mention the bizarre and unexplainable evolvements such as the poor and starving in Africa – and we humans in developed countries are so kind, we make a fleeting effort to help stop these problems, sometimes. We make posters to hang up on the walls, donate a few coins to charity, make some tearful speeches about how our planet and species are suffering; and that is just such a big help that we may then feel guilt-free to toss it out of our heads and stop worrying about it. After all, if the problem is out of sight, it can’t really be that big of a deal.

Some are saying that perhaps we can stop our production of useless knickknacks and toys that fall apart after one use as well as our development of products for our almost overwhelmed

sense of entertainment, to focus our energy and resources on helping these tortured souls. Seriously, what kidders. It is perfectly reasonable for richer people in developed countries to worry about what flavor of ice cream to get, and what brand of shirt to buy, rather than give a care about whether or not people across the seas even have anything to eat or wear. In fact, it’s what a lot of North America has been doing all these years.

Even if a few polar ice caps are melting and a couple wild animal species may be dying off, what really matters is that we are able to use factories to mass produce all these things to fill up our houses, because wouldn’t they look so devastatingly empty without them? Another thing: cars, even if they may emit some ominous looking clouds into the sky, are just so much better for us to use than our own feet, even if the bus stop is just beside our house and it’s effectively a 5 minute walk- who still uses their legs? It’s so “yesterday”.

So it’s perfectly okay for us to leave our TV babbling in the living room when we’re not there and the light on in our bedroom when we’re not there, because the house would be so much happier and less lonely without it, and the ghosts that secretly inhabit our homes would really enjoy it too. Besides, it’s not like these things are in any way related to any of the fore-said problems, so who are we to worry about them anyways? Those third world and planetary issues only deserve so much of our care.

Any stress that exists in our world, whether it be on our planet or on those fabled starving kids or people at war, is not anywhere close to the importance of our further comfort materialistic evolution, and our most beloved philosophy: “Don’t worry: just have fun!”

And I must say, we have developed our world wonderfully over the centuries. We have everything we need; we have built ourselves a vast realm of huge metropolises, vehicles,

schedules, timetables, to-do lists, bills, jobs, shopping, maintaining fixing, planning, and remembering – strangely, some people find this too much to deal with. I guess it could be possible to try to change our consumerism so it causes us less anxiety and helps those fabled starving children too… But no need, society has solved these problems that it itself has made with even better solutions; people can now spend even more money and time on de-stressing things such as aromatherapy, yoga, dance, spas, exercise, massages, electronic agendas, and more new and improved technology, because that is the most important thing people need in our world.

The previous solutions are just so much better than trying to revert back to our old ways (or find a compromise for all), so it makes perfect sense to try to solve a problem with the same things that caused it in the first place. Let there be no doubt; the planet is there just to serve us and be at our disposal. It’s not like we need to take care of it to survive. If it is having environmental problems, well that is just its problem, too bad so sad, because we are the supreme beings that deserve to exploit everything else.

In conclusion, and taking a look at everything in retrospect, I can say I am truly happy and grateful for where we have gotten ourselves and other living beings in society. Everyone, give yourselves a nice pat on the back!


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