Attempts at haikus

Voices singing out

Telling a wordless story

The piano’s ballad


Life, full of darkness

Ignored: but through painter’s eyes

All contains beauty


Black spider scurries

Now blending in, but now not

On the piano keys


Dolphins jump through hoops

Crowds cheer loudly on, with their

Cries leading to death


Birds chirp, perched up high

Seemingly together, but

They all sing alone


People waste their time

Planning and waiting, when life

Never waits for them


Leaves flutter about

Dancing paper butterflies

Only falling down


Leaves fall to the ground

Swaying gently in the wind

Autumn’s colored snow


A small red bud blooms

Unfurling its frail beauty

Just to later die


Open your eyes wide

And wherever you may go

Bring your own sunshine


To find happiness

Give to to the world, you’ll see

It comes back to you


Promises of now

Get lost in the past, but…

Found in the future


All seas in the world

Water, color, grass, and love

Binded with motion


Time ticks by on clocks

Creeps by in our minds, and yet

Always feels the same


Sit completely still

And second after second

Floats by around you


Scars mark the sides of

Skin and mountains alike with

An unfair beauty


Rocks sit peacefully

Until violently hurled

Against their nature


Love blooms inside like

A tiny metropolis

Never unchanging


Clouds float by above

The rush of a big city

With ignorant bliss


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