Stream of Consciousness: Prompt G

Date written: September 18th

Target audience: teens and young adults

Possible place of publication: can be used in a novel for young teens or adults

“Did you hear of the new Zac Efron movie?” My stylist happily chatters as she reaches over the table for assorted tools. “Hmmm.” I grunt in disagreeance. My mind is still lingering on the last customer I had today at work. What a squabbler. His voice sounded like a mutilated chipmunk, crossed with a crow. Squawk, squawk, squawk. “… and it was the most outrageous thing ever!!! Can you believe she slept with him??” She strokes my hair and chirps on, her tone changing to disbelief and aghast as she talks about this scandal and that nonsense. “Mmhmm” I mumble and hope it can be interpreted as the answer she was looking for. I rub my eyes and lean back in my chair. I hope we have steak for dinner. If I even get home on time. I guess I could always have that leftover mac and cheese….

“… and then she said, hell no, I’m not letting you take away my child…” … yum, cheese. Parmesan, mozzarella, and gouda. The best mix ever…. “But he refuses joint cutody, so I guess they’re not going to make any decisions yet…” … the one my mom always makes. Mmm, cheeseee…… melted, juicy cheese…. gouuddaaa….

My eyes fly open. My stylist’s chair is empty. The only thing I hear is the ceiling fan chugging away. The room feels ominously silent. A big-bellied barber stares at me from across the room, leaning on a chair. My chest tightens. My hair feels tight too. My eyes slowly trek to the mirror, fearful of what I might see. Oh, god. Oh god, oh god, oh god. My fingers fly up to touch the tight coils that now cover the top half of my head, soaked in perm solution. I feverishly pat my head with both hands and blink. Oh no. It’s real.

“How are we doing?” My stylist emerges from behind a curtain carrying a tube of cream and a bowl, smiling at me warmly.


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