Characterization by Narrator

Date written: September 19th

Target audience: teens

Possible place of publication: can be used in a teen romance novel


Setting: Scene from a first date between two 15 year olds, told by an omniscient narrator

It was 3:18. Martina ran breathlessly up to Simon and leaned on her knees, gasping .

“Sorry I’m late!” She panted. “Marx slipped out in muddy weather, it takes forever to get the dirt out of his fur…” She trailed off, stuttering over her words. Her face looked flushed, Simon noted. “She looks really rushed.” He thought. “But she’s still so composed and pretty.” 

“It’s alright.” He said out loud and touched her arm with a smile. Martina blushed. Simon took this to mean coy shyness or a sign that she was into him, but what really was the origin of the colorful hue of Martina’s cheeks were self-embarrassment.
“Oh my god, what a horrible self impression!” She thought. “Now I must smell like sweat and mud. He must be so put off by my late arrival.” She tried to inconspicuously whiff her shirt to check for body odor or mud flecks.

“She’s so shy, casting her eyes downwards, avoiding my gaze…. she’s such a nice and well-mannered girl.” Simon thought. “Let’s go in!” Simon gestured a little awkwardly at the bagel shop they were standing in front of, feeling small and very plain in front of this amazing girl he was lucky enough to get a date with.

“Okay.” Martina agreed, the color rushing once again to her cheeks. “Oh my god, it’s obvious he feels awkward.. it’s all my fault… that stupid dog!” She smoothed her frizzed hair and they both stepped into the sweet smelling bakery.


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