Instrospections of a prompt

Date written: September 11th

Target audience: Teens and young-middle aged adults and/or people with dogs

Possible place of publication: a blog, a journal, or a novel

Furry paws patter on the sidewalk. Floppy tongues dribble on the ground. Tails wave at top speed back and forth like windshield wipers on a particularly snowy day. Everyone’s ears perk up as they hear the happy panting approaching them from behind and turn to meet one of the worlds’ seemingly happiest creatures: dogs.

I am here today to write to you about this amazing animal. Why? Well I know this isn’t the best or most inspiring reason I could have but I want to be honest, so basically it is because my teacher told me to. I actually like dogs, even if they are not my favorite pet – I prefer cats as a matter of fact – but I don’t even know what to say about them. I meet them on the street almost every day, I smile at them, I pet them if they seem nice and run away if their fur is rumpled and they have an angry gorilla grimace stamped on their face. Sometimes I encounter them tied up to a telephone post or a bike rack, and I wonder where their owners went. I look around at the cute shops in the vicinity and wonder which dog-banning retail branch he/she might have wandered into. I scrutinize the dog and try to guess at what kind of personality would match the bored big-eyed fellow, and then distractedly wander into a shop myself. I peer at the other customers overtop shelves and try to find a dog-owner among their ways of walking, of looking around, of picking up items and scratching their chin. Okay, just to be clear I’m not a stalker, nor a creep. But, I often find myself wondering, is there a difference between dog-owners and, well… non-dog-owners?

I can’t really say anything firsthand because the only pet I’ve ever had crawling around my household was a cat. I’m well aware that dogs are VERY different but I’m certain they deliver at least the same if not a much better sense of company. Are you familiar with the phrase misery loves company? Being an extrovert, my version of that philosophy is everyday loves company. This is where dogs must come in very handy. A cat may come and let itself be pampered and petted and stroked a couple times each day, but a dog, man, that animal is a CONSTANT attention-getter. A cat may slink off to take a nap in your bed, your tub, your suitcase, your shoe (if it is small enough, or if you have big enough feet) but a dog, it will always be making you trip over your feet or giving you bambi eyes from under the table.

Are pet owners generally lonelier then? I feel a noticeable different when we don’t have a cat and when we do – it’s nice to come home to a warm fuzzy miaowing (or yapping) pet that you can curl up on the couch with. A cat or dog will just sit there with you and listen if you have the common crazy habit of talking to your pets.

The melancholic tortured soul may say that pets are their only consolation when they have a bad day or get stabbed in the back by a human friend. The “woe is me” version may say that having a pet is their way of pityign themselves, because they have no actual friends.

I think one should only have a pet if one is committed to a mutually happy relationship. If you’re miserable and get a dog won’t you just make it miserable too? Dogs can be a great mood-lifter but only if you let them.

Scientists have been finding increasingly more evidence that everything in this world – food, people, clothes, thoughts, feelings – is energy. When it comes to feelings, there can be energy that feels good and energy that feels bad. Dogs certainly enter into the first category. No wonder some peopel say that having a dog makes them more energetic! And when you cuddle up to your pet you can almost feel that energy cursing through the warm fuzzy body and into your own system.

Even encountering a dog on an afternoon walk has it’s energizing “lift” to it. The ears wag at you, and you can’t help but smile. What I don’t understand when this occurs is why don’t humans make each other smile like that too? Yeah yeah I know we aren’t dogs we don’t have puppy eyes, and we don’t crawl on all fours. But I think a human would appreciate the warm smile even more, not that dogs don’t deserve a kind gesture. Humans are one of many remarkable species – why not give each other a happy acknowledgement when we meet each other? Maybe if we treated each other with as much care and happiness as we showered on our pets then world peace would be even just a tiny step closer.

Alright, I’m starting to veer waaay off the path of my prompt. Well, back on track, I could probably  think of a dozen more reasons why I think it is beneficial to have a dog. But I don’t think that’s necessary. You get the picture. I like dogs. I think they’re fine. I don’t really have any remarkable thoughts or opinions on them. I think we can learn a lot from them if we wish to and if not then at least they are wonderful lap warmers and company when you have to pull an all-nighter to study for that exam. Just as long as they don’t slobber on me excessively, me and dogs will get a long just fine.


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